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The C.Zek Band dopo la fantastica serata della scorsa edizione del Rosewood Blues Festival Torna a L'incognito Music & Dinner per un concerto. incognito Music & Dinner è un bellissimo Music Club Della Bassa veronese!  ...

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The C. Zek Band arrives again in Osteria S'Ciavinaro! On the stage two exceptional guests, Nicolò Carozzi guitarist and voice of the Black Mama, and Stefano Scalchi guitar voice of the Catfish Trio!

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The C.Zek Band Live at Arrogantemente Birra event organized by Chiosco L'Estivo!


Live start at 9.00pm

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The C.Zek Band will perform on July 8th at the 11th Motoraduno organized by the Nord Est Bikers group !!

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Article of the Arena newspaper before the concert

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Begins Collaboration with the ChrisMark Agency who will see The C.Zek Band performing at the Teatro Sociale Di Arogno (TI)

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