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Set You Free available now!

Set You Free disponibile ora!
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Set You Free is the C. Zek Band's debut album, out now for Andromeda Relix (AND 56, 2017) and available on all digital stores.

Set You Free features eight original songs that stand as the result of guitarist and band founder Christian (Zek) Zecchin's work of song-writing research, the expression of his love for the music that formed his artistic identity and the group of musicians and partners who joined the band's path.

The album holds different musical elements in itself, like rock, blues, soul and funk. A balance of moods and feels crossed by Asiatic-like lysergic moments, sinuous and enchanting embrace through the nine tracks, also an unconventional version of the great classic Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones, that make Set You Free up.

Set You Free is available in all main digital stores as iTunes, Google Play Music and Amazon Music.



Set You Free:

1. John Corn

2. I'm So Happy

3. Tell Me

4. Kissed Love

5. Sey You Free

6. Gimme Shelter

7. Boring Day

8. It Doesn't Work Like This

9. Drink With Me

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